Adenture 1-Second City-Index

1. Pail
2. City hall
3. Liquor store
4. Train Station
5. Night club
6. Battling Thugs
7. Prank Call Kitchen
8. Boxing
9. 1st sewer
10. City hall again
11. Pizza and docks
12. Night club Mystery
13. 2nd Sewer
14. Park
15. Parking garage
16. Night club owner
17. Explore the 3rd sewer
18. Guard Tower
19. RLD
20. Explore Sewer 4
21. End Chapter 1
22. Fight Club Guide
The Pail:

Pretty simple! Receive the call, then head over to the playground and ask him, “Is the sand dry today?”
He would then offer you the Pail of Sand for $1000! Take it and you are done!

End of Adventure!
City Hall and the Kitchen window!

Receive the Call and head over to the city Hall! Once there, try knocking on some windows! Its random for all hoboes so you have to find it on your own. It costs 2T to knock on them windows.
After finding the Kitchen window, follow the instructions!

End of Adventure!

Other Info:
1. You can find Professor Todd Master of Steam for the Fight Club.
2. Some Cash while knocking on them windows.
3. Ballerina/Rollerderby rat (after drinking the rat poison and knocking on them windows)
4. An envelope for the next Adventure!
The Liquor store!

Pick up the phone and The Boss asks you to take the envelope to the liquor store!

You go to the liquor store and the Rick tells you that he has been robbed and the drunk guy took away his license! You promise him to get back his license.

You go to the Train Station and get to know that the drunk has been caught and been taken to the jail!

As there is just one jail in HW, You go to The Big House and bail out the Drunk Guy for $2500 and get Ricks’ license back.

You take the license back to Rick and he rewards you!

End of Adventure!

Stuff you get from this Adventure:
1. Homeless Hennessey
2. Rat Poison
Train Station - where you investigate boxes.

Your Uncle Dilbo Invites you to a party at the park!

Uncle Dilbo gives speech!

After the speech, Uncle Dilbo asks you to come by the Train Station, he has a surprise for You!

While at the Station you come across an envelope which is to be delivered to the clerk at the bowling alley!

You investigate the Boxes (box # 11) and find that Uncle Dilbo has left you a Beer can (The One Beer)

You then take the envelope to the clerk, either fight him of beg him to read the letter! After reading the letter he gives you the Address Book!

Things you get in this Adventure:
1- The One Beer.
2- Address book.

End of Adventure!
Night club

You head up to the night club and fight the bouncer to get in!

Once in, you head over to the bar and offer drinks and chat up the guys at the bar to get the location of a Mysterious Man! The hints to get to the right person to talk to can be gathered while offering drinks to the people at the bar. (To go left or right!!)

Once you get to the table, Drink the One Beer and The Mysterious Guy appears! You find Milo!

Things You can find while on the Dance floor:
1- Disco rat
2- Member for your FC
3- Random people giving you cash (not much)

End of Adventure!

Drink the One Beer and events happen at the playground. - Battling Thugs

The solution is simple, drink the One Beer and go to the park to meet up with the Mysterious Guy and the thugs will appear. You will have to fight them and then something happens

End of Adventure!
Park - Uncle Dilbo - Get Mithril Bag - Prank Call Kitchen

When you pick up the phone, Milo will answer, and tell you to meet him at the park.

Uncle Dilbo gives you the Mithril bag!

After the meeting is finished, go to the playground to talk the Tatooed Kid. He agrees
to giving you the key to the sewers, but you have to do him a little favor. He will give
you a cell phone and tell you to remember the following number: 545-5565, the
number to the Kitchen in City Hall and he asks you to ask the chef "Is your refrigerator running?"

Next go to your unusually large backpack and click on the cell phone and type in the
number he gave you, 545-5565. When he picks up say "Is your refrigerator running?"
Then he will just talk about how his going to check it out, and hangs up.

Now go back to the Playground and talk to the Tattooed Kid. He tells you that the key is kept by Balrog, the strongest Boxer in the city. He keeps in his boxing gloves. In order to get the key out of his gloves you have to go to the boxing arena the next day!

Items You Get
1- Mithril Grocery [lvl 0] (DEF: -150, +30 spd)
2- Cell Phone

End of Adventure!

The stats of a maxed out Mithril Grocery
Mithril Grocery [lvl 25] (DEF: -775, +780 spd)

Boxing Arena

You get in line to fight with balrog!

Key to beat him:
1. Dodge right
2. Left Jab
3. Duck
4. Punch right arm
5. Dodge right
6. Punch Glove

You get the key to sewer # 1

Items You Get:
Sewer # 1’s keys

End of Adventure!

Side Quest!!

Now that you have collected the cell phone, go to your backpack and click on your address book and call Franky D, he will give you a job. Go to the Trainstation and click on box #6. Figure out the puzzle and get some cans.
When you get there, click on "You're, your, their" ... which I hope you already knew that. After answering it, your phone rings and Franky D tells you and you look under the mat and find Bottle Caps.

Bottle Caps

End of Side Quest!!
1st sewer

Explore the sewer to find the Wooden door that leads to the City Hall Kitchen!

Sewer Map here

End of Adventure!

City hall Destruction!

You need to distract the Cook first! Call the city hall kitchen from your cell fone, and ask him,’ Is the refrigerator running?’ He will then go down to the basement and you will have a clear pathway!

Explore around! Check the office notes, remember only one; Box 81: Johnson, Rutherford.

Enter the Break Room and play RPSLS.. The key to beating the guy is: (from the boards)

Ears: He's likely, though not guaranteed to pull spock, so I suggest lizard.
Eyes: I pull rock, but it seems about 50-50 chance of losing.
Ground: Ground appears rather random. I usually go spock.
Tongue: Tongue is the money earner. Most of the time tongue is lizard. I suggest rock.
Thumb: Thumb usually comes up paper or scissors for me. I pull Lizard.
Nothing: Obviously this is completely random. I usually pull spock, but anything is fine.

This little RPSLS Guide is the most accurate prediction as to what he will use, BUT still it dosen't work all the time!

Get the Lucky Tag! Go to the lobby towards the front desk and ask the lady for box # 81, take the Key and head for the Aquarium.

After all the drama, PUSH THE BUTTON!!!

End of Adventure!
Pizza and The Docks!

You recieve a call asking for 3 large pizzas to be delivered to the park!
Go to wal-mart and buy 3 large Pizzas, Take them to the Park and you are done!

End of Adventure!!

Side Quest!!

Call Franky D, He would tell you to to go to the docks and beat up the mexican wrestler!

Drink up the One beer, head to the docks and you would find the Mexican Wrestler, After you beat him, you recruit him in the FC!!

*make sure you have Jangle Pants recruited for the Mexican Wrestler to show up*

End of Side Quest!!

Night club - Mystery

Mystery calls you up and asks you to meet him at the Night Club!
While at the Night Club, He asks you to score a chick for him. The best way to get her to talk to Mystery is to offer her some money. After you get him the chick, they leave! Mystery calls you and asks you to meet up at the docks.
You fight him there (You need to drink The One Beer for this to happen) and Get his hat as a reward.

Items you get:
Mystery Hat [lvl 0] (DEF: -150, +30 str)

End of Adventure!

Sats of a maxed out Mystery Hat
Mystery Hat [lvl 25] (DEF: -775, +780 str)
2nd Sewer

You receive a call from The Boss!
You then find a cryptic poem! The poem hints you towards finding the keys to the remaining three sewers.

First para:
The tall is easy
Simply take the aquatic key
to where the spirits be

Take the Aquarium Key to Rick at the liquor store and he gives you the tall key to open Sewer # 2!

Explore Sewer # 2 to find your lost friends!

Sewer # 2 Map

End of Adventure!


This one is pretty simple! Receive the call. Go to the park and follow the drama. Get a hold of wyrmtongue666 and fight him to get the info! Let him loose claiming your reward (+2 power of 5k) and prepare for battle!

End of Adventure!
Parking garage

Now this one can be a pain in the arse! I managed to to do it on the 2nd try but can’t say for the rest!

The strategy is different for different hoboes. Some keep trying different strategy and others keep trying the same one but the highter your speed and power is the more guy you well take out.

Make sure you are alive while doing so!

+ 1 power.
+ 1 strength.
+ 1 speed

End of Adventure!

Night club owner

You get a call asking to get to the Night Club! You get to the back of the club to see the Night Club Owner, You fight him and tie him up with a rope. Now before you do this adventure, make sure you have the rope tied as a lasso so that the Night Club Owner does not run away from you and to do that you need to go to your Unusually large backpack and click on it to make it change!

The Night Club Owner promises you to take you to the 3rd sewer!

Items Gained:
Sting [lvl 0] (ATK: +200, +15 spd, +15 str, +15 pow)

End of Adventure!

Stats of a maxed out Sting
Sting [lvl 25] (ATK: +700, +390 spd, +390 str, +390 pow)  
Explore the 3rd sewer

You get the key for the third sewer after offering the tattoed kid at the pack a pack of cigarettes and you get those from the Night Club Owner when you go to the Sewer Entrance.

Then Explore the 3rd sewer!

Sewer # 3 Map

Items Found:
Ahab the Halkeysack Champion
50 Cans
Giant Spider – Gives +2 speed!
A door to the RLD!

End of Adventure!

Guard Tower

You receive a call which mentions you to examine the RLD! There is a poster you have to examine first. Then you go to the RLD and climb up the rope you put up at the end of the last adventure! When you get to the top you are hit by a bat and fall unconscious.

You wake up in the Guard Tower and follow the following steps to complete the remaining mission:

Climb down the Fire Escape
Listen at the Front Entrance until the guards mention flipping coins.
Climb back to the Guard Tower
Examine the Room, then the plank
Stomp on the Plank.

Follow the drama and you are done!

End of Adventure!

You need to get in and explore the RLD! Follow the drama and get inside the RLD to get to the Mountain and destroy the One Beer!


Red = Start!
Brown = Exit!
Yellow = Map!

*Make sure to put on the Sting while exploring, You get many chances to upgrade its level*

Get to the mountain and you find an elevator! To get on it You have to solve a puzzle!


Then follow the drama and you have to fight with the night club owner. use this combo(hopefully it works..):

Dodge Right
Destroy the One Beer, follow the drama! And you are done!

End of Adventure!

Sewer 4

There is a celebration on your honor where you are given the Hobo Grail! Suddenly, The Mayor shows up and runs away with the Grail to sewer # 4. You need to chase him down and get the Grail back!

Here are the Steps that you need to take to get the Grail back:
1,11 (entrance)-> 6,11 -> 5,11-> 5,9-> 9,9-> 2,9-> 2,11-> 6,11-> 4,11-> 4,9-> 9,9 (capture mayor and get grail) and also the map too

Sewer # 4 Map

Capture him and the Grail is yours!!

End of Adventure!
End of Part 1

As you get to the payphone you see a guy with a hardhat and a giant pair of wirecutters clipping the telephone wire. The payphone falls silent.

[Your Name Here]: Hey! What are you doing?

Worker: Sorry buddy, but phone companies shuttin' this payphone down. Apparently it was only ever being used for incoming calls. They were losing money just having it connected. Now if you'll excuse me...

The Worker closes the phone booth door and sticks a big "Out of Order" sign on it.

Worker: See ya around.

The End!!!


Recruitment Guide

*Note: Must be alive for all of these recruits to work. You must also a have high enough combination of stats and weapon/armor to beat them in order to recruit. ex. if you are unable to beat them in the first fight either train stats, get better equipment or both (exact stat/equipment setup needed is unknown).*

Tyler Durden-lvl 51 max with 0 recruits
*Note: Tyler Durden gains levels as you continue to beat him. His levels are caped at one level higher than the highest level that you have recruited untill you finish recruiting.*

Go to parking garage and win the fight against Tyler. He will ask you to go find more people to join the fight club. -5T every fight attempt

Red Robed Roy Rollins-lvl 75
*Note: Must first beat Tyler(once)*

Explore Red Light District until you find Red Robed Roy Rollins and beat him in a fight (random chance to find him while exploring, may take a long time to find him) -3T each explore.

Professor Todd Master of Steam-lvl 125
*Note: Must first recruit Red Robed Roy Rollins*

Knock on window 11(at least for me, may be random) at City Hall and talk to Professor Todd Master of Steam to get him to join. -2T each window

Janglepants the Distractor-lvl 175
*Note: Must first recruit Professor Todd Master of Steam*

Explore the dance floor in the Night Club until you find Janglepants the Distractor and invite him to join.(random chance to find. may take a long time)-2T every time you explore dance floor.

*Errors on this step:
"Out on the dance floor you hear a strange jangling noise over the music. Like lots of little paperclips rubbing against each other. You look around but don't see anything unusual..."

"Out on the dancefloor you hear a strange jangling noise. All of a sudden you turn around and see a guy with a mean looking jowl and shiny metal things hanging off his pants coming at you!"

*If you get either one of these make sure that you have high enough stats. Stats needed are unconfirmed, so if you get the error, just train a bit more.

Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado (Mexican Wrestler)-lvl 225
*Note: Must first recruit Janglepants the Distractor and complete adventures #1-#11 to get side quest. Does not have to be done at time of side quest (can return later) just cannot be completed before side quest given.*

**WARNING: Although this is not a guaranteed result, some players have reported being unable to recruit Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado after adventure #19(destroy the One Beer) because they no longer had the One Beer and thus couldn't drink it. To avoid this problem I recommend finishing this recruit before finishing adventure #19.**

Call Franky D (698-4242), He would tell you to go to the docks and beat up the Mexican wrestler! Drink up the One beer, head to the docks and you will find the Mexican Wrestler, Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado, after you beat him; you recruit him in the FC!!

*Errors on this step:
Player: Now Tim, what seems to be the problem here?

Rather than answer your question he just spins around and attempts to piledrive you. Luckily, you're quick on your feet and get out of the way.

Player: If that's how you wanna play...

[Leave Docks]

*If you get this, make sure that you have high enough stats. Stats needed are unconfirmed, so if you get the error, just train a bit more.

Ahab the Hackysack Champion-lvl 275
*Note: must first recruit Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado and get sewer 3 key(Adventure #17)*

Explore Sewer 3 @ 3,6