Newbie Guide

Well, when it comes to leveling, just be persistent. Attacking other hobos is the best way. In fact, it is the only efficient way. Remember that.

For now, don't worry very much about your rank. (In fact, not very many hobos do. )

Currently, you should be concentrating on either battling or begging.

If you are concentrating on battling, then you should be alternating between training and battling everyday. You should be spending two days on training and then two days on battling. One training day should be spent exclusively on raising intelligence and the other day should be spent on raising any combat stat of your choice (speed would be recommended). When it comes to your battling days, one day should be spent on battling other hobos who have the opposite kind of reputation you have, so that your reputation decreases (or increases). The other day should be spent trying to battling other hobos who have an experience level greater than or equal to you. This part is basically trial and error. If you lose against a hobo, but did some damage to him, but not enough to finish him off in another fight, then don't bother with attacking him again. You should NEVER re-fight a hobo you lose against or tie with more than twice. It is a waste of Awake, plus after the second battle the experience you gain from the battle with that hobo starts getting taxed (lowered). You basically need to find hobos that are a higher level than you that you know you can beat, and record their names in a private journal entry. This is called a hitlist. Although it's not an official one (you get that when you become a donator), it is still useful. You should try to get as many hobos into your hitlist as possible. Now, most experience-rich hobos are usually hitlisted by other players, and thus are usually dead by the time you get to them. The best way to get around this is to start your attacking cycling immediately after any of the two resets. At a reset, all hobos are revived and their HP fully restored. Thus, the best time to attack hobos is immediately after it. Of course, you can still attack hobos during the middle of the day, but you won't be able to find very many that are good targets. also, another thing to pay attention to when attacking a hobo on this designated attack day is their win percentage. A hobo with a win percentage higher than you is usually stronger than you. However, if you manage to defeat one with a high win percentage, then you will get an experience bonus. But you also need to look out for hobos with low win percentages. Although hobos with low win percentages are usually weaker than you and easy to defeat, defeating them comes at a price: the experience you win from the battle might be taxed, as in lowered. Thus, avoid attacking hobos who have a win percentage lower than 35%. Aim to attack hobos who have win percentages ranging from 40% to 70%. Oh, and in addition, avoid attacking hobos who are on the same side as you (i.e. West, South, East). If you do, your experience will get taxed. So, there are a lot of things to look out for when battling other hobos: Level, Time, Win Percentage, and Side. As long as you remember those, you will be able to find the perfect hobos to hitlist and attack.

So, when it comes to leveling up, you basically need to alternate between training your stats and gaining those levels. You never want to gain levels too quickly. If you do, you will soon find yourself without any good hobos to attack, and will find yourself slaughtered at almost every reset. You win percentage will also plummet. (Always try to maintain a win percentage around 80%.)

Also, avoid fighting at the Old Man's arena. You ultimately gain better experience from battling other hobos, and gain better Adventure Equipment experience from battling Adventure Enemies.

Now, when it comes to begging... Well, you should be more concerned with raising your combat stats than your begging stat at the moment. However, if you are hellbent on becoming a beggar, I guess you should start begging now. Alternate between one day of raising intelligence and two days of straight-up begging. Don't sweat if people attack you and you lose your money. Heck, you can even beg dead. It doesn't matter. Your main goal is to get your begging up to level 50, so that you can buy the begging upgrade and earn experience every time you beg. Once you get that update, try to beg while alive whenever possible. So, if you are striving to become a beggar, one of the richest hobos in the game, then your primary focus is to gain begging stat points, NOT MONEY. That will come later, and it will be very worth it.

I would suggest not getting too engrossed in any of the Adventures until you around level 30. However, if you are involved in any Adventures now only finish them to these points and focus on rasing your stats:
Second City: Park (Ability to access the Flea Market.)
Hoburbia: Soup Kitchen (Ability to receive daily soup meals.)
Canbodia: Jungle (Ability to fight Jungle Adventure Enemies.)
Right now, you need to focus on raising your stats and gaining levels. That is what is important.


When you get to level 25, start training at the University immediately. Forget the high school. (Always strive to get at least a score of 10, preferably 11; keep resetting until you do. Scores of 14, 15, and 16 are extremely rare. Be happy with the score you have. Don't push your luck.)

INTELLIGENCE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT HANDS DOWN. However, do not focus too much on raising it until you are around level 40. This is because you gain an additional 0.02 stat gain for every level. So, once you hit level 40, start training your intelligence everyday until you get 1000 intelligence. Save any Smart Breads you receive until you get 1000 intelligence (the training max), because you can use them to get over 1000 intelligence and eventually get 2500 intelligence (the absolute max). Intelligence nets you more experience, more money from begging, more money from can returns, better University gains, and other small benefits. Max it out as soon as possible, but don't focus entirely on that until you are level 40+.

Complete the Second City Adventures before the Hoburbia Adventures. You'll appreciate it.

Withdraw $5,000 everyday and have a go at the Slots at the Casino. The wins build up over time.

Join a gang if you haven't already! Along with the neat little social community, you'll have to ability to ask for loans, gang weapons, and advice! Also, you will be able to use money from your gang's hospital fund so you don't have to use any money to heal yourself. Be sure to ask to borrow a 700 set from your gang. (Better weapons are usually reserved for the gang's war chamber fighters.) However, be sure you join a good gang. A good gang usually has incentives, competitions, lots of meaningful activity, lottos, entertaining posts, and 700 sets to loan out. However, never forget that a gang also asks some things from you too. Many expect you to be socially active on their board, show progress in your leveling and stat raising, be intelligent and polite with what you say (using proper grammar is always a plus), pay back your loans, toggle your stats, occasionally donate money, have a gang tag next to your name (it isn't that bad), and be loyal (not leave after two days of joining).

SAVE YOUR DOUBLE-DOUBLES. Use them if you get a very high score at the University. Other wise, save them. However, don't every have more than three at a time (Normal Trolley) or more than seven at a time (Golden Trolley). You need space for other food, right?

If you at the point where you unlocked your drinking stat: Don't focus too much on raising your drinking stat until you are around level 50. However, while you are still at a relatively low level, buy lots and lots of booze. Alcohol prices shoot up as you level (as does WalMart food), so buy as much booze as you can without breaking the bank. You'll be glad you did it once you are around level 100.

Remember, good players suicide themselves once they are done with their daily routine. Find yourself a good way to kill yourself without affecting your win percentage. (Alcohol, Old Man's arena, Blowfish, Ten Foot Drop, etc.)

Oh, and just have fun. HoboWars is just a game. If it becomes too tedious, boring, distracting, or frustrating take a break for a few days. If worse comes to worse and you want to permanently quit, just simply change your password to something you won't remember and log off. Your account will be deleted in about a year.

Well, I hope these tidbits of information helped you out in some way, shape or form.


- .Dr. Know