Wish guide:

Wishes are obtained at the end of the Hoburbia adventures, day 23. You step into the great glass elivator, and zoom off to Loompa land, where a great Shaman awaits your arrival to bestow magic upon your hobo soul. He may not be able to give you the power of flight, but what he can do is much better than that.

Original Wishes:
The first wishes that are availible to you, once you finish hoburbia, are as follows:

Another Wish
--This is just something to do when you are bored, it uses a wish to give you another.

+25 Stats
--There are 3 wishes involved with this group. They give you +25 of either Speed, Power, or Strength.

+10 Intelligence
--This wish in only good if you have already gotten to 1000 intel.

+5 begging
--this wish is good when you want to get your begging maxed(bring at 995), or if you have already.

a Golden Rat
--By far the best rat in the game. They the longest lifespan of all rats, and have decent start stats as well.

Hobo grail gives +5 more awake per day
--this wish is very self-explainitory.

+500 max life
--Not a very usefull wish, as the amount isn't very high.

--self explainitory. I wouldn't use this wish, as the amount isn't too high.

3,000 PP
--3,000 Pawn Points, good if you want to get that Thor's Hammer.

A Double-Double
--1 Free 100T, for the cost of a wish.

New Wishes:

The new wishes were brought along with the Recycling Centre in Canbodia. They cost 500 Recycle points for 1 wish.

New Items availible in the Pawn Shop.
--Gives you access to the Excalibur, Iron-man Armor, Power Glove, Bad to the Bone T-Shirt, and Old can of Soup Stock.

+50, 75, and 100 Stats
--Same as the +25 stats, only a larger number. 3 of each, 1 for speed, power, and strength.

--No one in hobowars has yet unlocked the 22nd wish, and we are unsure of what it could be.